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updates… not a good start…

October 8, 2013

I have found myself waffling. There are life reasons – there always are – but the in story reason is that I know what needs to go into a chapter, they are necessary scenes for the plot and more importantly, the characters, but I do not know how they should go, and each is neither connected to the others or long enough to be a chapter. The obvious solution is now staring me in the face – write the scenes and leave the structure until afterwards, when I can see them in the novel.

This has taken me a day and a half.

I am a moron.

I dithered even about writing this post, but I need some accountability for this thing to help with the brain weasels, and so up it goes, a testament to idiocy.

On the other hand I need a damn name. If anyone has a name for a regency fantasy that involves an attempted take over of the british empire by demons, and the thwarting of this by a young girl who has a sarcastic demon in her head then I’m all ears. Oh, and an unstated critique of aforesaid british empire, that becomes pretty overt by the end.


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