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Novel of doom – the last hurdle.

October 5, 2013

I am publicly committing to a 26 countdown of doom to finishing of novel and sending first chapters to agents. It has gone from a joy, to a slog, to a joy, to a nervous panic. As I get closer to ready, the curse of fear and desire for perfection is haunting me more and more, and Getting In The Way. This is exacerbated by need for a sharp analytic eye for editing and rewriting – but one that still lets in creativity and joy, lest I curl up sobbing into a corner. The tiny voice repeating ‘this is it? nearly 18months of solid work? this thing? Its not very good is it?’ needs to shut up and let me make it better.

One way of doing this is making the jump smaller. A clear plan with small goals each week is less terrifying for me. So I have set a challenging but doable schedule, a clear(ish) month, and will type like the wind, my friend. With daily updates (Monday to Friday) on this blog to keep myself accountable. Feel free to chastise me or cheer me on in comments, both are necessary.



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  1. Ruth permalink

    Excellent to hear that the final hurdle is in sight. Your thoughts on writing are very insightful and helpful to read. My (nearly done, with a colleague) book prospectus is sitting in the corner gathering dust and taunting me. You have inspired me to Wrap It Up! Best.

  2. Woot! Go Laura.

    Be encouraged 😉

  3. Wrap it up Ruth! Thanks!

  4. Thanks Pearl Sanguine!

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