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Raking leaves

October 13, 2012

Raking leaves


Ivy drapes the walls of my house

turning green turning gold turning red turning

glittering filament

on dirty-white washed walls

until one morning –

listening to a signal that I cannot hear

–          it all falls down

knickers and lace and silk

decorating the white gravel and green grass

leaving my poor house naked and pale and blushing


Tim, welding his wedding band

firmly taking me in hand with the leaves

–          how I love him firm!

Leaves a rake and gloves for me

I reluctantly use them

the poet in me sad to rake up the gems,

squashing them in the dark of a green bin

I take too long

admiring the jewels of my ivy leaves

ruby, amber, garnet, pearl,

the leaves are a blend of precious stones

decorated with a shower of diamonds.

I leave some adorning my jade grass

shhh, don’t tell Tim

–          or maybe do

–          how I love him cross!


Despite their bold colours and brazen shape

my gems will fade in a few hours

leaving brown smudges on my grass

and in my gravel.

their beauty gone for another year.

I wish I was content they will return

like my nan, sure that the seasons will turn

bringing with them my jewels

but I am always afraid

that this is their last

their beauty snuffed out

by the winter.


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