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Venalfaxine (effexor) withdrawal in poem form

October 8, 2012

Fucking Venal


ten years the bitch

has been

fucking up my


time to make it

stop wean

myself off venal


buts it fights

drunk mean

hangs on its teeth

white clean

monkey-wrenched my

mind machine

reality a strobe-lit

wax dream

inner-ear set to

max lean

dizzy thought won’t

stay seen

Evil fucking venal


 (on the plus side the weird OCD meant that all my drawers are neat and organised…)


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  1. Love it! Reminds me a bit of something Old English, but my memory is too dreadful to tell me what. And I’m glad you’ve brought some order to your pants.

  2. aw thanks. And Pants Need Order sound like a band…

  3. PNO. Or a musical instrument?

  4. pete permalink

    It feels like it should be the beasty boys, Tim has also warped your mind over the last decade ;-). I don’t think that you should try giving him up though.

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