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Dictionary of Peril: Eadish, definition of peril

July 27, 2012



  1. the growth (of grass) that remains or appears after cutting


Simon peered over his glasses at the eadish. It was a perfect green pool rendered in a short and spiky texture. To Simon’s knowledge it had eaten four people so far, including his girlfriend, Karen. Simon had come prepared for investigation and rescue. He resolutely knelt by the eadish and laid out his tools. A long climbing rope. A harness. A small cage. A live mouse. A can of coke. A small backpack containing two days worth of food from the camping shop and another rope and harness.


He carefully screwed a hook into the ground and tied the climbing rope to it. He tugged, testing its weight, until he was satisfied it would not move. He next picked up the stick. Gingerly he inched forward until he stood at the very edge of the eadish. He carefully poked the stick at the green a few inches in. It went easily and smoothly into the grass, as if there were no ground there at all. He could not move it lengthways further towards the centre, but if he withdrew it he could then push it back easily into the eadish at any point within its bounds.


Next, he put the can of coke into the small cage, and attached it to the other side of the rope. He lowered it into thee eadish, near the middle. When he withdrew it, the can of coke was still there, as was the cage. He opened the can, and sniffed it carefully, and took a sip. It was still sickly sweet and tangy. He placed the mouse in the cage. Before he lowered the cage into the ground he held it to his face and apologised to the mouse. He found that when the poor mouse was halfway submerged, he could pull it out and it was still there. However, when the eadish covered the top of its ears, when he pulled up the cage, the mouse was gone.


Simon smiled grimly. He knew what his parameters were now. He put on the small back pack, and tied the rope to his harness. He carefully edged towards the eadish. He lowered himself in. It was as if he was disappearing into a hole. Inch my inch by inch. He raised his hand by his head, so that he maintained contact with the outside world for as long as possible, until all that was visible was his fingertips.


These stayed poking above the green for a while. Finally they too disappeared. And all that was left was a rope connected to a hook in the ground, disappearing into the eadish.


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Fabian Society


  1. an association of British socialists advocating the establishment of democratic socialism by gradual reforms within the law: founded in 1884

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