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The rules…

July 16, 2012

1. Each entry describes someone in peril, the nature of the peril generated by the word of the day.

2.Each entry is to be no longer than 500 words.

3. The word of the day is generated through the online Collins dictionary, We will use each noun, moving through the alphabet a-z, crossing off each noun in turn. I.e the first day will be the first noun in A, the second day the first noun in b, etc, then when we reach Z, we will goto the second noun in A etc. The word will be announced at the end of the previous entry.

4. I will ignore the bloody silly words like aa (its a type of volcanic rock, apparently. (Yes, I did just skip it because I was so anxious to get to Aardvark…)).

5. I will also ignore the bloody obvious words like ‘blood’. Its just too easy…

6. I will also also ignore abbreviations, unless there is a particularly good one. (Yes, I am thinking of the WI…)

7. You can choose any definition of the noun you like, assuming that there are different ones, but they must be one defined by the Collins online Dictionary, and be a noun.

8. If the word definition is a symbol of something else – I.e. Ba, the chemical symbol for Barium – you cannot use the word to substitute what it is a symbol for, it must the symbol as a symbol that provides the peril.

9. The peril must be entertaining, and preferably original.

10. To participate, please add a link to your blog entry containing your peril, or write one directly into the comments.

11. My choice of words is final and completely undemocratic.

I aim to blog about 3 times a week, which is subject to change with notice.


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